9 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Taking Your Dog on Vacation

March 10, 2021

Traveling, whether for work or pleasure, can relieve stress, boost creativity, introduce us to new cultures and places, and ultimately make us happy. Traveling with the whole family allows you to encourage your kids to take reasonable risks, adapt to changes, and live adventurous lives. But what happens when we have to leave a member of our family behind? Dogs rarely get to participate in the wonders of travel. Additionally, leaving for long periods may give dogs acute separation anxiety. Fortunately for travel and dog lovers out there, there are plenty of dog-friendly hotels, like our very own Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites. At Seven Hills Suites, our days are made when we spy a pup trotting through our lobby tail wagging, excited for the adventure ahead. We love it so much that we give dogs treats at check-in. Continue below to learn 10 Reasons You’ll Enjoy Taking Your Dog on Vacation 

1. Your family isn’t complete without your four-legged friends


Family memories made without all members of the family present can be bittersweet. While there’s no denying the pleasure of new experiences had while traveling, one can’t help but think of those who are missing out. The same goes for pets. To say that your dog isn’t a member of your family would a gross understatement. Pets bring the entire family joy, so why not take them on the road with you? At Seven Hills Suites, our spacious suites provide enough room for the whole family, four-legged friends included.


2. Help the kids settle into a new place


Changing location, even for a short amount of time, can be a stressful event for adults and kids alike. Having your family’s pup there will not only make the place feel a bit more like home, but it will reduce the stress of changing locations. Dogs are known to help reduce stress. That’s why service dogs are often used in hospitals, on college campuses, and in the workplace. If you want your suite to feel a bit more like home and help the kiddos adjust to life on the road, bring your dog along when you visit our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites.


3. Avoid pricey kennels and boarding


Dog boarding has become a booming industry. Unfortunately for pet owners, the increase in demand has caused a sharp uptick in price. In addition to being expensive, boarding your dog can stress your dog out and expose your pet to easily transmitted diseases, like kennel cough. So, avoid the pesky boarding fees, which are often as much as nice hotels, and take your dog with you on vacation. Ask our reservation department about our dog-friendly policies and book your stay at our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites.

4. You’ll be more active


Dogs are four-legged, furry balls of energy. So, it’s doubtful you’ll be wasting away the hours of your vacation bored in your hotel room. Dogs require attention and exercise, and providing that will get you up and moving. So, rather than spend your vacation stuck indoors flipping through the channels of your suite’s TV, head outside, find a park, and enjoy quality time with your dog.


5. Dogs are the most agreeable travel companions


Traveling with family and friends has its share of benefits, but sometimes travel companions can be disagreeable. Arguing with your travel companions can put a serious damper on your vacation. Whether you’re arguing about which sites to see, where to eat, or when to wake up, disagreements while traveling are sure to take their toll on your trip. Dogs, however, will never disagree with you, not verbally, at least. All your dog wants to do is spend time with you, which makes setting your itinerary and daily agenda a breeze.


6. Avoid the packing pity party


If you own a dog, you are undoubtedly familiar with the packing pity party. It’s that moment when your dog realizes you’re headed out of town and proceeds to look at you longingly with sad eyes. Some dogs even go as far as to attempt to fit in your suitcase, which is adorable but not very practical. So, avoid the packing pity party by taking your dog with you on your next vacation. Our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hill Suites, values are pet guests almost as much as our human guests.

7. Make the most of spacious accommodation


Our Tallahassee hotel, Seven Hills Suites specializes in spacious one and two bedrooms/ bathroom suites that are competitively priced like traditional hotel rooms. If you’re traveling with your dog, they are sure to love all the space they will have to roam around. Having a dog in a normal stuffy hotel room can make the place feel cramped and claustrophobic. Our suites have enough space for your whole family and your pup.


8. Take in the sights with man’s best friend


Tallahassee is full of beautiful parks, restaurants with outdoor seating, and historic sites that you can enjoy with your dog. Tallahassee has over five dog parks that are perfect for your pup to make vacation friends. Additionally, the surrounding parks and nature areas have a combined total of 700 miles of trails for you and your furry friend to roam. Find out more about Tallahassee’s best dog-friendly sites here.


9. Make memories that will last a lifetime

The sad truth of owning a dog is that our canine companions aren’t with us forever. Sadly, our dogs will only be around for a small portion of our lives, but we’re around for their entire lives. So, make the most of the precious time you have with your dog by taking him or her with you whenever possible. Our dog-friendly suites at our Tallahassee hotel will help you maximize your valuable time with your pup while you’re on vacation.

To find out more about our dog-friendly policies and to book a suite, head to the Seven Hills Suites website.

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